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Wedding Planning Tools Created by Two Wedding Enthusiasts

Meet Carrie and Michelle; two top wedding planners. They are industry experts, obsessed with all things design, and are the answer to your wedding planning prayers.

When it comes to weddings, they get it. They understand that not everyone has the budget or desire to hire a wedding planner; however, they understand that every couple wants and deserves a beautiful, detailed and personalized wedding. After over 15 collective years experience as wedding planners—and many escapades navigating the trenches of what the modern day couple envisions for their big day—Carrie and Michelle saw a need for something streamlined, especially for those looking to have a wedding on a budget. Something able to reflect a couple's vision while maintaining a realistic budget. Something out of the box. Their perpetual search for this tool has lead them and YOU to...The White Box.

Carrie and Michelle have combined their skills, knowledge, and industry insight to create wedding planning tools that allow you to enjoy a seamless planning process. With The White Box, you will not only plan with ease and peace of mind, but you will also find the inspiration to design your dream wedding on a budget

When Carrie and Michelle are not collaborating, sourcing and designing for your event, they can be found binge watching episodes of The Bachelorette, hiking with their pups and perusing the aisles of Whole Foods!

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