10 Wedding Trends We Are Excited to See in 2017

With a New Year, comes new trends in the world of weddings. For the many couples that are recently engaged, it’s time to look ahead and envision what’s on the horizon for their big day.

We’ve trawled thousands of Pins, Instagram posts, bridal blogs and looked at dozens of real weddings, and after weeks of preparation, we think we have a pretty good idea of what to expect in 2017 (Think more simplicity, individuality and understated elegance).

Below we’ve detailed a quick rundown of some of the strongest 2017 wedding trends set to hit the scene:

  • 1. Vintage Glamour in Industrial Space: Picture an industrial warehouse decked with lots of hanging lights, red brick walls, over-the-top centerpieces, twinkling lights and antique metal chairs. We’re totally digging this!
  • Image Via Wedding Chicks

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  • Metallic Cakes: Classy cakes with a metallic luster and shine are a far cry from the traditional tiered wedding cakes we typically see.
  • Image Via Colin Cowie

  • 3. Balloons: Decorating with balloons is an option for a wedding of any budget! They add the perfect pop of color to any venue and can be incorporated subtly or as a major focal point, like on an accent wall or in your centerpieces.
  • Image Via Wedding Chicks

    4. A Never-Ending Feast of Food: Late night snacks used to be an add-on if a couple’s budget allowed. Today, they are becoming more of a must-do, and we’re even seeing additional courses being added to the dinner beyond a simple salad and entrée.

    Image Via Tracey Buyce

    5. Pantone Color of the Year: We’ll be welcoming in the new year with a salute to green! Pantone’s Color of the Year is a refreshing and stimulating shade called, Greenery. Expect to see this in the furniture, flowers, linens and even food!

    Image Via Mod Wedding

    6. Pink Bridal Gowns: Next to white, a pastel pink hue will be the most popular color for bridal gowns in 2017. Along with that, we will be seeing lots of deep necklines, see-through elements and flouncy ball gowns with floral embroidery.

    Image Via Nolte's Bridal

    7. Splitting the Bill: For decades, the bride’s family footing the entire bill has been a long-standing tradition. We get the sense that the message of 2017 will be equality, and the groom’s family will begin to chip into that expense as well.


    8. Weddings that Give Back: It’s evident that our society has gotten increasingly charitable over the years. As couples are starting to get married at an older age or after they’ve been living together for a while, registries start to become harder to fill out as they realize they do not need as much. Instead of asking for items they may not need, couples are asking guests to donate to their favorite non-profit, or equally as rewarding, they are donating to the non-profit in lieu of wedding favors.

    Image Via Wedding Chicks

    9.Hanging Décor: The days of only decorating the tables are long gone. Today, it’s about immersing the entire character of the venue with chandeliers, handing candles, leafy vines and so forth.

    Image Via Green Wedding Shoes

    10. Cocktail Style Receptions: In 2017, we’ll start to see less dinner tables and more high-top cocktail tables and family style dinners so couples can get more face time and interaction with their guests. This idea will encourage everyone to chat more and get out on the dance floor!

    Image Via Inside Weddings

    We are so excited about the year of weddings to come and we can’t wait to see how couples will make these trends their own, adding personal details and DIYs that will set them apart and make them shine. Are you planning your 2017 wedding? Our expert online wedding planners are here to help! Contact us today to learn more about The White Box.


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