Tables, chairs and lounge decor, oh my! Lets be real ladies – among your search for the perfect dress, scoping out the most amazing venue and daydreaming of jet-setting off on a long honeymoon with your HUSBAND (eek!), deciding on wedding rentals tends to be more of a nuisance than it is enjoyable. Particularly, because furniture tends to be a significant expense in your venue budget.

Of course you'll want every minuscule detail at your reception to look fantastic – so whats a gal to do if the styles you love exceed your budget? Here's where we step in.

The way we see it, your wedding is a celebration of love and commitment. But more than anything, its a celebration of who you are as a couple. Every element of your wedding should be imprinted with your own style and personality, and when it comes down to it, style and personality shouldn't be compromised because of a tight budget.

With your White Box purchase, we help you to create a unique, exclusive reception setting by completely customizing a furniture rental guide based off your likes and dislikes – all within your price point! Our portfolio is overflowing with thousands of wedding reception ideas and inspiration to pull together a party no guest will ever forget. All you’ll need to do is bring the furniture wedding rental guide you receive in your White Box to your local specialty event rental company and see if they offer similar items in your color scheme and price range. Its really that easy!


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