White Box Spotlight: Wedding Planning Ideas for Shauna & John

We all dream of a wedding full of happy tears, magically romantic moments, delighted guests and no shortage of Pinterest-worthy details. But, we’re going to level with you. Sometimes it also comes with its challenges, learning experiences and what-the-heck-do-I-do-now moments. That’s why it became our mission to help brides everywhere navigate the treacherous (but worth it!) waters of wedding planning. Our goal is to help you plan, prepare and most importantly, enjoy your big day – stress free! 

We wanted to reflect back on one wedding in particular that we helped to style and relieve that burgeoning stress; Shauna and John. This amazing duo approached The White Box with a very solid vision for their style, however, they were stressed about their budget and were unsure if everything they envisioned could be done within a limited amount. Budgets are a tricky beast. You want the best of the best, for less, so this is where prioritizing really comes into play. 

Wedding Planning Ideas

Shauna and John wanted a wedding that was deep and rich, full of burgundy and plum hues with swoon-worthy décor items. It was also important to the couple to incorporate locally sourced organic food in a small seated dinner arrangement to encompass an intimate gathering. Our vision for décor consisted of velvet tufted chairs, modern farm tables, string lights, tinted x-back chairs, fresh blackberry bowls and a make-your-own olive bar. Shauna and John’s wedding will be held in late September of 2017 and we can’t wait to see how our design recommendations will be incorporated into real life! 

To say that we were honored to be a part of this beautifully heartwarming couples’ wedding planning process is an understatement. We truly adored Shauna and John and developed a strong relationship from the very first phone call! On top of creating their White Box, we were so thrilled when they asked us to also assist them in their wedding venue research. We wish this couple nothing but many years of unconditional love and laughs – it was a pleasure working with you and providing our wedding planning ideas! 

To read Shauna’s experience of working with The White Box, check out her complete blog post here. 


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