White Box Spotlight: Wedding Planning Ideas for Hayes & Brayden

Hayes and Brayden really were one of the sweetest and most happy go-lucky couples we’ve had the pleasure of working with, and we couldn’t be more pleased with how their big day turned out. A big thank you to this wonderful duo for letting us offer you our wedding planning ideas - we wish you a lifetime of happiness! 

The couple came to us after they secured their venue and had hired a wedding planner. They knew they didn’t want to go into meetings with their planner unprepared, so The White Box was the perfect solution to help them define their style elements and go in with a more confident approach. 

We knew the moment we met them that their lighthearted personalities, big hearts and zest for life had to be the focus on their wedding day. We knew they needed a day that was filled with fun southern hospitality food, uniquely crafted cocktails and timeless decorations that their guests would remember as one with much personality. 

Check out Hayes and Brayden’s testimonial on their experience working with The White Box, as well as some photos from their big day below: 

What was the moment you knew you needed to ask for help? 

“When you first get engaged, you are overwhelmed with excitement, love and fairytale. And rightfully so. But after about a week of pure fiancé bliss, you're hit with THE question; The question your mom, Grandmom, sister, cousin, and best friend all ask you daily..."So, have you set a date yet?" And then. Just like that. You get smacked in the face with your first "I'm overwhelmed" wedding moment. Because like most who are newly engaged, you've never planned a wedding before and you have no clue where to start. And the uncertainty keeps coming. How do I select what vendors to use? How do I know what costs are reasonable when I've never had to worry about paying for a tent, 600 wooden cross-back chairs, a band or DJ...? Where do I even start? Sure the Knot and Weddingwire are great tools to get you started - but trust me, that stuff gets overwhelming QUICK- and then becomes just another checklist of things you have to worry about.
It is in this very moment(s) where I knew I needed help and The White Box comes in. What is The White Box you ask? Well, as the name suggests, this is a little white box put together by a team of amazing modern-day wedding planner’s that CUSTOM tailor it just for you to ease all of your "I'm overwhelmed" wedding moments.

How would you say we were best able to assist you? 

You all didn’t just provide a checklist of wedding to-do's – you curated a personalized box that is full of ME. My friends ask, “How could a silly white box behold everything that makes up you and your personality and your dream wedding?”  Well, because there is a team of dedicated and passionate women pouring into getting it just right for me. From the flowers and the dress to the venue and band, I had all the design tools, budgeting tricks and planning tips needed to create my wedding, without it costing an arm and a leg. Michelle and Carrie used a little white box to change the game (and cost) of planning my wedding.





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