Wedding Favor Ideas Your Guests Will Actually Use

There are so many ways to say thank you to the friends and family that attended your wedding, but the most common is by gifting them a wedding favor. What used to be a small token of appreciation, is now another opportunity for couples to showcase their style and personality.

For that reason, the options today are overwhelmingly endless, restricted only by your imagination and budget. Will you opt for a sweet treat, a local’s favorite beverage or a keepsake that guests can take home?

Find inspiration by browsing our list of creative and unique wedding favor ideas.

1.Gourmet Candy

Send your guests off in sweet euphoria with a bag full of delicious treats. Candy makes an enjoyable, nostalgic statement – and hey, we’re confident that very few guests would protest a little something sweet on their way out the door!

Luckily, Sugarfina makes assembling these favors a piece of cake. Sugarfina is a gourmet candy boutique that sources their ingredients from artisan candy makers all around the world. With flavors such as champagne bears, sea salt caramels, single malt scotch chocolates, and chocolate bacon toffee all beautifully packaged, guests will go crazy for these treats that are as visually delicious as they are tasty.

Check them out today

2. Succulents

Personally, we think very few things are cuter than succulent favors stuffed into a teeny container. As a favor that doesn’t take up too much space, guests will be stoked to display these in their homes or on their office desks. If you plan on having a greenery-inspired wedding, succulents add a nice finishing touch to wrap up the evening. If you don’t live close to a succulent nursery, The Succulent Source is a great online destination that will make the process of ordering succulent favors extremely easy. Choose from a variety of 2”, 4” or 6” plants that come with votives, pails, terracotta or ceramic pots.

3. Chapstick

Sometimes it’s the little things that pack a big punch. Chapstick is an item that your guests most likely use on a daily basis, making this a simple, yet practical, gift they will surely appreciate! (If you’re having a winter wedding, double brownie points for providing this must-have staple!) Make the chapstick your own by custom designing your labels with your own unique message and style. My Wedding Favors is a noteworthy resource to check out – with numerous design and color choices available.

4. S’mores Kits

Crisp graham crackers, gooey toasted marshmallows and warm melted milk chocolate - YUM! Inspire your guests to break out the roasting sticks and enjoy some company around the fire by gifting them a s'mores kit. S'mores kits are a mouth watering double whammy of a guest favor + dessert idea that will have guests toasting more than just champagne on your wedding day. Take the DIY approach by creating your own, or let someone else handle the busy work by checking out Malvi Marshmallow’s pre-made S’mores Kits. Each kit includes 2 x 2” petit beurre cookies, 2 vanilla bean marshmallows and 2 squares of dark chocolate.

5. Hangover Kit

Let’s face it – if your hosting an evening wedding with an open bar until close, guests are guaranteed to appreciate this thoughtful token as they depart your epic celebration. Hangover kits are filled with the essentials for recovering from a night of revelry, and often packaged in a cool and humorous way. Your best (and most affordable) option is to assemble the items yourself, hitting up your local dollar store, and then ordering this very fitting box to carry the contents in from Pressed Cotton. Fill your box with Advil, water, Gatorade, band aids (for blistered feet!), mouth wash, eye drops, energy bars, tums and more hangover remedies. 


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