Top 7 Places to Get Velvet Ribbon For Your Wedding

Watch out ladies, the velvet trend is making a comeback! We don’t know about you, but we are so excited about this news. It’s lush, luxurious and will bring texture and richness like no material can.  

Incorporating the subtle softness of velvet ribbons throughout your wedding elements will allow you to not only be on the forefront of beautiful wedding designs, but you’ll be adding a rather sexy pop of elegance throughout your big day. Think – adorning your cake, tying up your blooms, working around table accessories or adding to the groom’s boutonniere. It only takes a little touch, intentionally placed, to make a remarkable statement (such as, “let’s have Champagne!). This fabric is a stylish choice for wedding details, especially for those hosting fall or winter celebrations, when changing seasons signal a shift in colors and textiles.  

To help you gals get headed in the right direction towards finding the perfect velvet ribbon, we’ve compiled a list of our top 7 favorite places. Check them out below!

  • Minted: What is it that Minted can’t do? Seriously, we just adore this company and constantly find ourselves finding inspiration, ideas and details from this wedding guru. With over 15 styles and colors to choose from, including glitter velvet, this is a great place to begin your search. 
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  • Minted
  • Save-on-Crafts: For a more diverse selection, try Save-on-Crafts. They sell single-faced velvet, double-faced Italian velvet and crushed velvet ribbon in a variety of sizes.

    Image Via Save-on-Crafts

    Etsy: You can never go wrong with Etsy! Pulling from some of the best local designers on the web, you can certainly find something that is truly unique and decadent.


    Image Via Shy Myrtle on Etsy

  • Bristex Fabrics: Bristex Fabrics is a gold mine of velvet ribbon colors. Literally, every color under the sun, and then some! They also carry both single-faced and double-faced velvet, as well as stretch velvet ribbon.
  • Image Via Bristex Fabrics

  • M & J Trimming: M & J Trimming’s velvet ribbon selection provides a full spectrum of colors, making it suitable for every season. If you live in New York, we definitely suggest making a stop into their insane ribbon and trim emporium. You won’t be disappointed.
  • Image Via M & J Trimming

  • May Arts Ribbon: May Arts Ribbon takes a rather fun approach with their intricate and unique velvet patterns. We’re talkin, polka dots, swirls, and sparkles. Their everyday low pricing and superior quality make it totally worth checking out.

    Image Via May Arts Ribbon

  • Mood Fabrics: As stated themselves, Mood’s collection of velvet ribbon is as rich and complete as the textile’s long history. Here you’ll find stretch velvet with sheer gathered trim, embroidered edges, metallic braids and lace trimming.
  • Image Via Mood Fabrics

    How will you be using velvet ribbon for your special day? Let us know below!


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