Unique Wedding Send Off Ideas

Understandably, the majority of a wedding’s focus is pinpointed on the walk down the aisle, which can easily leave the couple to forget to plan an unforgettable grand exit! Exits are an old tradition to symbolize well wishes and good luck to the happy couple, so why not take this last moment to really “wow” your guests. This will give you the opportunity to throw one last dash of your personalities into the mix, leaving a lasting impression on your family and friends.

So, how do you choose that “perfect” unique wedding send off idea? You’re no longer allowed to throw rice, and you want something more exciting than bubbles and sparklers, yet less traditional than flower petals. These wedding send off ideas we’ve gathered for you are not just fun for your guests, but they can also create picture-perfect moments for your photographer to capture as well!

1.Lavender Toss Bags: Nothing says romantic fairy-tale ending more than dried lavender buds! Lavender is calming, smells wonderful, fits in small favor bags for tossing and is an easy way to put a twist on tradition. Not to mention, it needs no cleanup because it’s biodegradable! Our favorite lavender bags are from Pressed Cotton. These bags arrive ready-to-use, already filled and stamped with an adorable verbiage of “Toss Me”. Your guests will remember the irresistible scent in the air for years to come, and can use the bag as a keepsake after the festivities are all said and done.

unique wedding send off idea

2. Feathers: Delicate, whimsical and dreamy! Feathers are a fantastic choice if you’re a bride looking for a truly unique and memorable sendoff (and a fabulous photo op!) Depending on your style, go for either bright colored feathers to match your wedding color palette or stick to soft romantic hues such as cream and gold, like the ones here.

wedding feather send off

3. Paper Airplanes: We love the simplicity of using paper airplanes as your wedding send off to bring out the “kid” in everyone! It’s also a way to involve your guests in the preparations to give them something to do while waiting for your grand entrance. Have them write cheerful thoughts or notes of advice as they help your marriage take flight. If you plan on having a destination wedding, these are also great wedding exit ideas to play along with the destination wedding mood your guests are already vibing in!

paper air plane wedding send off

At the White Box, we love helping eager brides put together pieces of the puzzle towards creating a day that’s nothing less than unforgettable; wedding send off ideas included! If you need help choosing an idea, or even an overall style and theme of your big day, let us be your guiding hand! Reach out to us today, we’d love to chat!

If you’d like more tips on how to de-stress the wedding planning process, reach out to us today! We’d love to chat with you about how The White Box can be that lending hand you’ve been waiting for.


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