Planning a wedding in the Pinterest Era is all about whipping out unique ways to set your wedding apart from all others. One way to do that is to use a a wedding reception layout tool that will help you pick something that is equally practical and fabulous.

Choosing the proper wedding reception layout will have a significant impact on the flow and overall feel of your celebration. It’s what lets your guests know where it’s appropriate to sit, eat and dance. I mean, you certainly don’t want anyone rupturing an eardrum because their seat was placed too close to the DJ’s speaker. To ensure that's not the case, look no further than the suggested layout design included in your White Box purchase to determine the flow of your big day.

No matter where your wedding reception is held – a country club, a tent on a beach or in a rustic barn – there are a few key elements that will most likely be present. Our suggested layout design can help you decide just where they should go. You’ll undoubtedly have tables for all of your guests and there will also most likely be a dance floor (at the very least, an open area for guests to mingle.) OH, and lets not forget a bar and an area for your DJ or band to start rocking out. With all of these variables present, we take the estimated guest count you provide us in your bridal questionnaire and map out your ideal wedding reception layout tool that will be sure to keep the party flowing.

Be sure to share our suggested wedding reception layout with your venue to see if they can create a similar look based on the measurements of their reception space. Sayonara reception layout snafus!

wedding reception layout tool

wedding reception layouts

wedding reception layout tools

reception layout


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