The secret to a stress-free wedding day? Scheduling yourself enough prep time! Establishing the aesthetic for your day is definitely fun, but planning it can easily become overwhelming. Since nerves are bound to set in at some point and you can’t be everywhere at once (nor should you be – you’re the bride!), it’s important that a well-planned day of wedding timeline is in place to ensure your celebration includes no mishaps. Zip. Zero. Zilch!

What’s happening when? How long will certain things last? Who needs to be where? We break down the ever-intimidating wedding planning process into an uncomplicated and straightforward timeline based off a bevy of reading, research and personal experience. A simple wedding to do list guide will be included in your White Box purchase while a more detailed version will be uploaded into your White Box login. Download and edit as you book vendors and work with your venue to determine the final schedule. Once you’ve nailed it down to perfection, don’t forget to share the day of wedding timeline with your bridal party, vendors and any other parties that you deem necessary (parents, readers, etc.)

Weddings call for so many things to coordinate that it can take away from enjoying your engagement. Luckily with our help, a timeline isn't one of them!

Wedding Timeline


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