It's early February, you’re basking in that newly engaged bliss, and then someone asks you the dreaded question…What’s your wedding budget? For many couples in the throes of planning a wedding, this is the first big moment of pure freak out. How in the world are you supposed to know the wedding costs to throw a top-notch party for all of your favorite people? You’ve certainly never thrown a celebration like this in your lifetime! You’ve spent countless hours scrolling through Pinterest and your once clear night stand is now topped with a never ending pile of bridal magazines..can you afford everything you're pinning and dog-earring?

Whether you’re throwing an intimate, no-frills wedding or a luxury bash, there are certain things that will get you more bang for your buck. And as your go-to gals, we make sure that's definitely the case. What are your must have’s? What can you live without? What’s worth the splurge?

With our expert advice in tow, we consider your priorities, style and budget and create a custom financial plan almost too good to be true. Included in your delivered White Box, you’ll find a simple wedding budgets worksheet, while a detailed budget worksheet will be uploaded into your White Box login account. From there, you’ll be able to download it into an excel file to add or make changes as you make purchases and book vendors. We’ll handle the math; you go enjoy the fun stuff!

wedding budgets


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