Your Guide to Seasonal Wedding Flowers

Using fresh flowers that are in season for your wedding bouquet is the most economical choice, and often times, the most beautiful! Choosing flowers in their off season however, can easily tank your budget. Instead of having tulips imported from Europe in the Fall, consider using flowers and foliage that are gown locally and available during the season of your nuptials.

The following guide lists the availability of seasonal flowers for your big day:





If you have a tighter budget to work with, achieve a similar look and feel to your favorite flower with these cheaper look-alike alternatives:

Peony vs. Garden Rose: Like peonies, garden roses are available in variety of coral and pastel hues. Peonies are known for their “powder-puff” petal, and garden roses fall almost identically in line with this iconic look.

Orchid vs. Gladiolus: Gladiolus flowers bare a striking resemblance to the tropical and colorful vibe of the Orchid. Both florals present a long stem which display blooms from the bottom to top.

Dahlia vs. Mum: As gorgeous as Dahlia’s are, their cost can be seasonally driven and they tend to drop their petals quiet easily. A spider, cheetah or Fuji Mum is a great place to start when looking for a more cost-efficient alternative. They are a bit harder and can take the heat.

Gardenia vs. Sweetheart Rose: Achieve the sophisticated white elegance of the Gardenia by substituting it with Sweetheart Roses! These timeless blooms are extremely easy to arrange and will equally achieve the timeless look you were hoping to capture with Gardenias.

Need help creating your own version of a seasonal wedding bouquet? At The White Box, we feel that every time of year is romantically carefree and each bride needs a gorgeous bouquet to represent that. With our ideas in tow, we can help you assemble the most beautiful seasonal flowers to accompany you down the aisle. Reach out today to learn more!


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