Guest Post: Revelry Dress Try on Party with White Box Bride Kara Stone!

You’ve chosen your best girls to be by your side for the big day. Now comes the hard part! Finding and agreeing on bridesmaid dresses for your squad can be such a daunting task. A simple Pinterest search can lead you down the rabbit hole. Bridesmaid dresses have come a long way since those horrendous photos our parents show us from the 80s, am I right? 

To me it was important that my girls felt comfortable and just as good as me on my wedding day. No one wants to be stuck in an unflattering, uncomfortable bridesmaid dress all day long with lots of photos being taken. As a bride, I feel it’s between myself and my MOH to find the best options for my bridesmaids. 

Like most brides these days, I don’t want anything that screams bridesmaid. And let’s be honest, it’s not likely that you’re going to wear the dress again, unless it’s a LBD. Some brides say “Oh, you can wear it after the wedding!”…I don’t know about you but when will you be caught dead in a tiffany blue one shoulder floor length gown? The goal is to find something that is fashion forward without breaking the bank. Spending $300+ on a dress you’ll never wear again is not ideal so the search began… 

That’s when The White Box told me about Revelry and their concept of a Bridesmaid Try-on Party! I’m over here thinking why didn’t I think of this?! Revelry will send you and your girlfriends a box of dresses in your size and styles and colors that you choose online! Not sure which dress you like best? Browse their website for inspiration and order a couple options to try on. They deliver them to you in the cutest purple box with a measuring tape and a fun Insta camera to get some cute shots. Inside of the box is also all of their swatches 

My sister aka MOH was really excited to be able to try multiple styles on before making a decision. Sometimes when you go to a bridal salon they only have a style in a sample size 6 or 8 so you might not be able to envision the look. Revelry sent us 5 options for my girls to try on! This was perfect because I was back on the East Coast for the holidays with most of my bridesmaid around. The girls thought it was such a great idea and couldn’t wait to play dress up. 

I’m personally into the mix and match look for bridesmaids. I’m likely going to pick a hue and have the girls choose whichever style they feel most comfortable in. Im still thinking about having my sister in a print or a texture dress that stands out. 

Our top 3 favorites were The Kennedy Chiffon Convertible dress, Hannah Chiffon Wrap, and the Valerie Chiffon wrap . The girls loved the wrap style and felt most comfortable in that one and felt it was still fashion forward. 

Gowns from Revelry are made to order and they are designed and produced in-house cutting down the middle man and therefore, the cost. Their options average about $175 per dress which is great! They also come in 4 different lengths so there’s no need to pay additional alterations fee to have a foot of your dress hemmed #eyeroll. They have over 100 colors to choose from in 4 different fabrics; chiffon, tulle, lace, and sequins! They also offer separates which is another trending bridesmaid style right now! What are you waiting for? Check out their website and schedule your Bridesmaid Try-on Party

I’ve also started to make some headway with wedding planning, thanks to my girls at The White Box. I’ve had multiple consultations with musicians, floral designers, and caterers! I’m so grateful for Michelle and Carrie for helping me stay organized during this time when it’s really information overload! I’ve actually begun to enjoy the budgeting tool that they provide instead of dreading it (I’m sure we’ll get there though!). Through The White Box I have been introduced to many different vendors and companies that I would not have found otherwise. Stay tuned for more wedding planning or follow along at @twoandthecity

Xo, Kara



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