The White Box Contents: Rentals & Décor

From classic and minimal to décor that oozes vintage charm, there’s a wide world of gorgeous wedding pieces ready to rent. Rustic Chic. Vintage Glam. Casual Beach. Minimalist Zen. If you can envision your ceremony style and décor, our team of experts can help bring it to life.

Back in earlier times, it used to be that you took a cup and matched it to a plate, and that was the end of it. Today, there’s so much to choose from. We’re talking, over 50 diverse types of cups, and every shape of plate imaginable. Without the appropriate guidance, this can cause unnecessary stress and confusion to the bride and groom.

When you’re planning a wedding, a large part of your budget and time will go towards the rentals of chairs, tables, dance floors, tents, linens, dishware, glassware and more. And anyone who’s ever calculated a wedding budget can attest to how quickly these elements of the event add up. Rentals shape the look of your big day, so you’ll want to make sure that what you visualize is easily executed. And sometimes that is easier said than done. Many couples may not even know what they want, or have an idea of what will look best within their venue. On the other hand, some couples may have a great understanding of what they want, but they’re struggling to find a rental or décor item that matches their style AND is within budget.

The White Box provides couples handpicked suggestions for wedding rentals and décor items specific to their venue and theme. We exist so that you don’t have to go out and pick hundreds of place settings or buy an absurd amount of Edison bulbs. Weddings are all about being creative and allowing your big day to show your personality. With the diverse offerings and specialized styles found in event rentals, there’s nearly nothing that can’t be borrowed for your day – and our job, is to present to you those perfect pieces that add the finishing touches onto your reception.

Here's how it works:

After purchasing The White Box, you will be provided a bridal questionnaire where our team can get to know you, your significant other, your wedding theme, your must-have’s and can’t live with outs – you name it. Upon review, our team of dedicated wedding professionals will configure a customized board based on your preferences that include what style of chairs, linens, tables, lighting, etc. you should incorporate into your venue. We’re basically a Pinterest Board on paper, except this board is tailored specifically to your wedding vision, in a realistic manner that’s catered to your venue, and all within budget.

Now that you’ve learned more about us, let us know how we can help decorate your space today!

*Also included in your purchase of The White Box is an Inspiration Board, Budget Breakdown, Day of Wedding Timeline, Catering Menu, Signature Drink Recipe, Floor Plan, Linen Samples, Wedding Checklist and more!


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