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Planning a Wedding Shower Checklist

Beyond the excited squeals and excessive hugging with your newly engaged BFF, you’re now enlisted to plan the wedding shower. So, what next?

In order to throw a purposeful event, you’ll want all the moving pieces to come together seamlessly, for everyone to carry away beautiful memories. We’ve made planning a wedding shower a “piece of cake” with this detailed checklist that will help keep panic at a minimum.

3 Months Out
- Determine a realistic budget
- Pick and set a date
- Contact the bride for her recommended guest list
- Confirm desired venue
- Decide on a theme that correlates with the brides wedding day or interests (Think daytime tea, brunch party, evening tapas, or cocktails).
- Place the invitation order

6-8 Weeks Out
- Gather the guests’ mailing addresses
- Meet with those in charge of planning to brainstorm ideas for food, beverages, decorations, layout, etc.
- Order any necessary rentals such as tables, chairs and linens
- Meet with florists
- Brainstorm your light-hearted activities to get the guests involved (quizzes, relationship advice, challenges, etc.)
- Brainstorm party favors; great ideas range from candy, baked goods, mini champagne bottles, spices or oils.

1 Month Out
Mail invitations to guests, including gift registry and directions to venue
- Order/Make party favors
- Purchase all necessary items for planned activities
- Organize a music playlist
- Purchase any important items needs for decorations and food/alcohol serving
- Place the flower and table centerpiece order

1 Week Out
- make a schedule for picking up, making or delivering food
- Purchase your gift for the bride
- Select an appointed photographer for the day
- Follow up with guests who have yet to RSVP
- Place the food order and order balloons

1 Day Out
- Pick up the flowers, balloons, cake and food
- Go to the venue and set up serving areas
- Organize the seating area and area for guests to place their gifts
- Prepare any homemade food items

Day of
- Spruce up the venue and finalize any last-minute re-arrangements
- Decorate the space with balloons, flowers, etc.
- Set out food and drinks
- Designate someone to record who brought what gift
- Relax and HAVE FUN!

As you can see, there are many responsibilities and tasks that go into planning a wedding shower. However, it goes without saying that being able to take part in your loved one’s big milestone event is worth all the responsibility and time commitment that’s required for hosting. Most importantly, remember to communicate with the bride leading up to the shower to make sure you have a clear idea of what she has in mind. This will help reduce stress, cost and expectations. Happy planning!


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