Planning a Wedding in Grad School

As if graduate school wasn’t demanding enough, now you have to plan a wedding?! You’re probably thinking to yourself; what am I, crazy? Your eyes are already probably aching from all the grad school color-coding and multi-tiered organizing. Is it possible to balance them both without having to sacrifice?

Receiving a furthered education is incredibly important, and it takes a lot of time and energy – much like planning a wedding. Therefore, it’s safe to assume that attending to both school and your nuptials can be an overwhelming undertaking.

If you’re about to take on this task, refer to this helpful list of hints to help get you through designing a wedding while earning a degree!

1. Ask for Help. If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably fallen victim at one point in your life to the “If you want it done right, do it yourself” mantra. While it may be difficult to give up some control for your wedding, you’d be surprised how relieved you will feel once you delegate tasks to friends and family members. This helps you be free to concentrate on school while someone else helps check the little things off your list

2. School First, Planning Second. While planning for a wedding is much more fun and exciting than taking exams and writing papers, grad school should always take priority. Plan your wedding for 1-2 hours a day or when you are finished your school responsibilities. It’ll certainly be tempting at times to push grad work aside, but just keep reminding yourself of the good you are doing to get further educated and build a great career!

3. Support your Spouse. Whether you’re attending med, business or nursing school, planning a wedding all comes down to how well you and your spouse can support each other. This is an intense time, especially if its heightened by an additional workload. By support, we don’t just mean financial assistance. While many students do rely on their spouse to pay for the basics until they finish their degree, an equally important type of support is emotional guidance. When you go through this uncertain period in your life, (i.e. When will I graduate? Where will I find a job?) the attitude of your spouse can make or break your support. Make sure you’re both communicating your emotions regularly so you both know how to best be there for one another. 

4. Abandon Perfection. As tough as this is to admit for all of us, it’s not going to be humanly possible to produce perfect grades and a perfect wedding, all while maintaining your relationships and good health! Make a list of your priorities and make sacrifices where needed. Once a decision is made, don’t second guess it or look at any more options in that department – whether that be for food, flowers, bridesmaid dresses or table linens. 

5. Purchase The White Box. Planning a wedding while in grad school can often leave couples with a tight budget to work with. And given the amount of stress that can accompany these two tasks in tandem, a wedding planner would seem ideal, but financially out of question. The White Box is the perfect solution for these individuals who’d like the help of a wedding planner without the associated cost of one. Our customized wedding planner kit includes curated items that have been handpicked by a team of seasoned wedding professionals. We allow you to play an active role in the planning process by providing the tools and resources needed to execute your dream day flawlessly, stress-free and within budget.

Ready to plan your wedding while in grad school with the help of a pro? Visit us at The White Box for more information today!


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