How to Plan a Wedding in 6 Months

How do you pull off a wedding when time is seriously limited? Say you get engaged around Christmas, and you’ve always dreamt of a rustic and warm fall wedding. Is it possible? With some expert advice and a detailed checklist, the answer is absolutely.

To ensure your planning process is in-line with your schedule, use our timeline below to learn how to plan a wedding in 6 months:

5-6 Months Before
[] Decide your budget
[] Choose a theme and color palette
[] Build your guest list and compile addresses
[] Pick your bridal party
[] Send an electronic Save-the-Date
[] Secure a venue
[] Shop for bridesmaid dresses
[] Book a photographer and/or videographer
[] Search for a bridal gown and place the order
[] Begin researching invitations
[] Plan and book your honeymoon
[] Book the entertainment, florist and caterer

3-4 Months Before
[] Order party favors
[] Determine the time and location of your rehearsal dinner
[] Register for gifts
[] Reserve any rental items that may be needed
[] Order your wedding cake
[] Shop for wedding rings
[] Send out wedding invitations
[] Work with your bridesmaids to plan a bachelorette party
[] Schedule bridal shower

1-2 Months Before
[] Arrange final fitting of wedding dress
[] Schedule a hair and makeup trial
[] Reconfirm all hired vendors (florist, caterer, venue, transportation, etc.)
[] Obtain marriage license
[] Send invites for rehearsal dinner
[] Attend bachelorette party

2-4 Weeks Before
[] Confirm final guest count with reception venue/caterer
[] Create a seating plan and send to caterer
[] Attend bridal shower
[] Pick up wedding dress
[] Purchase gifts for bridal party
[] Provide photographer with a list of special shots you want taken
[] Practice special dance routines

1 Week Before
[] Confirm honeymoon reservations
[] Pack for your honeymoon
[] Book manicure/pedicure
[] Appoint an “organizer” to handle any last minute issues

1 Day Before
[] Enjoy manicure and pedicure
[] Attend rehearsal dinner
[] Practice vows
[] Relax!

At The White Box, we know how to plan weddings under pressure, whether that means within a short time frame or requiring any unique specifications or circumstances. Marrying the love of your life doesn’t always necessarily take a whole year to plan. With the help of The White Box, accompanied by the above checklist, we’ll provide the planning tips, tricks and advice needed to get you to the day of “I do.”

See how The White Box can help you plan a wedding in 6 months today!


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