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Every woman is conditioned to pursue the fairy-tale dress and accessories. But, when you’re limited to just one night of everything being worn, you start to wonder who could really afford such high-end luxury? Even beyond the ability to pay, brides in this modern day world see renting as a sensible choice, sparing the stress and space of storing their gown and accessories. 

For these reasons, we are so excited to showcase to you one of our partners here at The White Box; Happily Ever Borrowed! Launched in 2012 by founder Brittany Finkle, Happily Ever Borrowed is a premiere online wedding shop that rents designer bridal accessories at a fraction of the retail price! The company’s goal is to provide accessibility, affordability and sustainability to brides all across the US. Because let’s face it, all of us women deserve an opportunity to wear quality products that truly make us shine on our big day! Just think of them as your “something borrowed”! 

Happily Ever Borrowed

Happily Ever Borroweds’ specially curated collection of bridal veils, tiaras, headpieces and jewelry comes from big name designers like Enchanted Atelier, Elizabeth Bower, Jaclyn Jordan, Bloom Bazaar and Justine M. They offer a four-day or eight-day rental period and if your notorious for doing things last minute, they can even accommodate rentals up to 1 day prior to the wedding! 

Wedding Jewelry Rental

Among the many gorgeous options that Happily Ever Borrowed offers, there are two really cool things that caught our eye when we first discovered their site. 

  1. Find Your Bridal Style: This is such a genius feature and super informative to the bride that has yet to develop her own personal style for her big day. We took the time to fill out their 10 question survey, which included basic questions of “what describes you best”. Once completed, we were taken to a screen that told us we were a Boho Bride, which was then followed up with an email that provided specific accessories from Happily Ever Borroweds’ collection to help us achieve this look. Not to be forgotten, you’ll also receive Free Shipping on your order just for taking the quiz! 
  2. Send Before You Spend Box: The other offering that caught our eye was their Send Before You Spend Box. Brides who cannot decide what they like best are able to select several items and have them shipped to their homes to try on and decide. When the accessories are sent back, Happily Ever Borrowed will send a thank-you gift of $25 toward an accessory rental! Seriously, what’s not to love? 

Wedding Accessory Rentals

We hope you love Happily Ever Borrowed as much as we do! Take a minute to check out their site and see if renting your bridal accessories is the right choice for you! 

Have any of you gals purchased from Happily Ever Borrowed? Let us know about your experience in the comments below, we’d love to read them! 




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