Best Bride and Bridesmaid Robes

Walking down the aisle to your beaming groom is great, but another exciting part of your big day is getting ready with your bridesmaids the morning of! Being surrounded by your sisters and girlfriends, sipping mimosas and getting pampered is something we like to bring extra attention to because how often are you all able to get together and be fancy? These ladies have been by your side through some of your happiest memories and will now be walking you down to meet your man! Gift them with a gorgeous bridesmaids robe (something they will most certainly use after the wedding) and we guarantee they’ll love it! Not only will the trendy attire make for some stunning photos, but it’s another way to bring cohesion into your big day.

When it comes to choosing the style of your bridesmaids robes, the options are endless. Will you go with robes for all or mix and match? Vibrant florals or solid pastels? Long or short? To make the decision easier, we’ve rounded up five of our favorite bride and bridesmaid’s robes for you!

Bridesmaids Robes

  1. Plum Pretty Sugar – A gold standard as far as bridal party robes go! Plum Pretty Sugar makes a gorgeous line of floral and lace kimono-style robes that are as elegant as they are fun. Their feminine appeal and easy wear styles bring a breezy and chic style to your overall wedding aesthetic. Plum Pretty Sugar Bridesmaid RobesBride and Bridesmaid Robes
  2. The Paisley Box – Visit their site and you’ll quickly see pages of colorful prints that exude a girly and feel-good vibe. Available in cotton, jersey and satin materials, The Paisley Box robes are perfect for getting ready with your bridesmaids. One advantage is that you may choose to monogram the back of your robe with your name and/or wedding date.The Paisley Box Bridesmaid Robes
  3. Love + Peony – This company has a wide selection of floral, solid and lace bride and bridesmaid robes, however we are swooning over their signature kimono robe with lace, available in Dusty Rose and Pale Blue. They are dreamy and classic with a perfect silhouette enhancing drape.                                                                   Love & Peony Bride Robes    Bridesmaids Robes
  4. Modern Kimono – Just as the name suggests, this Etsy shop offers chic but functional, modern kimono-style bride and bridesmaids robes. The owner and designer of the shop has created a collection unlike any other. You won’t find any heavy cloth or satiny robes – instead, you’ll get comfortable, 100% premium cotton at mid-knee length, all custom-made to order in the USA.Modern Kimono Wedding Getting Ready Outfits
  5. Love Ophelia – Now, if you’re a bride who isn’t a fan of the floral designs and wants a more traditional vibe, then these bride and bridesmaid’s robes from Love Ophelia are the perfect choice. The simple designs of these boho delicates are a timeless look that we definitely recommend checking out!Love Ophelia Bridesmaid Robes


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