The White Box Contents: Bridesmaid Dress Ideas

Hi gals! Let’s talk today about bridesmaid dresses. 

If all wedding magazines we’re perceived as gospel, then it would be safe to assume that all bridal parties are made up of professional models. In reality, the ladies that stand by your side on your big day will most likely look nothing like one another, but who will love you equally. This opens the door to the world of complications which are choosing the right bridesmaid dresses. 

It’s difficult enough to find your dream wedding gown, so imagine how overwhelming it can be to find the perfect dress for your entire bridal party – a bridal party made up of various personalities and different taste preferences. Except, it doesn’t have to be that way! Luckily, these “tough” parts of the experience can easily be eliminated when you purchase The White Box. 

The White Box, which is a unique, customized wedding planning “kit” designed to perfectly suit the needs of the busy, millennial couple, includes handpicked suggestions for bridesmaid dresses. We are absolutely addicted to finding fabulous couture options that exude the theme and personality of your wedding day. No matter your wedding style or bridal party size, we’ve got everything you need to know to find the right dresses for your girls. Provide us your vision, or a few favored Pinterest photos, and we’ll dig into our wedding knowledge database to find you styles from vendors we love. One less to-do item off your plate = a more stress free and happier bride! 

Take a look below at some of the online vendors we absolutely love to visit when helping brides choose their ladies’ wardrobe: 

  • Joanna August: Joanna has defied the conventions of the typical bridesmaid dress by creating designs that are fun, flattering, fashion-forward and one they could enjoy not only as a member of a bridal party, but for any occasion.

Image via Joanna August

  • Vow to be Chic: The gals behind the recent start-up, Vow to be Chic, act as your wedding fairy godmother, letting bridesmaids rent designer dresses at an amazing low price! With over 1,000 styles to choose from, at the best prices on the market, your ladies will no longer have to stress about breaking the bank. Learn more about the company by reading our complete vendor review here!

Image Via Vow to Be Chic

  • BHLDN: BHLDN is Anthropologie’s own unique wedding line and just as you would imagine, they are extremely unique and capture the essence of what we all love about Anthro – modern twist on vintage, feminine and diverse. For the bride on a budget, you’d be surprised to find many great styles that fall within your price range. 

Image Via BHLDN

  • Brideside: For the bride whose bridal party is flung all over the country, Brideside is your god-send. After choosing a selection of 3 dress styles to try on, they will ship them to your house, and then you select the one you like best. You never even have to set foot into a bridal salon! They have over 350 styles from the world’s leading designers, and with the help of The White Box, our team of wedding experts can help you pick out the dresses that will look and feel best on your wedding parties’ bodies.

Image Via Brideside

Which styles are your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

As always, if you have any questions about The White Box, need advice or just want to learn more about how our product can streamline the planning of your big day, reach out to us today! 


Carrie and Michelle 


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