The Best Wedding Beauty Timeline

So you’re getting married, the venue is booked, your dress is hanging in the closet (well hidden, of course), you have meetings scheduled with your florist and have a house full of decorative and DIY items. We totally get it – it can get a little frantic! While we feel confident that everything will come together on the day of your celebration, there is one department we’ve noticed that brides often overlook, or don’t devote as much time to as they should; and that’s taking care of themselves.

Your wedding day is your time to shine. You’ve worked all year long to throw arguably the biggest party you’ve ever thrown and so for this, you’ll want to look your absolute best. With a little prep, pampering and planning, you’ll be looking radiant and picture-perfect in no time!

To help you avoid wedding-day stress, as well as any last-minute beauty fiascos, we’ve put together the ultimate wedding beauty timeline. From when to get waxed and when to schedule your hair appointments, this checklist will ensure you look your natural, glowing self.

8 Months Out

First things first, you’ll want to take care of a few necessities to get your mind and body on the right track from the start.

  • Develop a fitness and nutrition plan: Avoid crash dieting in the weeks leading up to your wedding. Start to rethink the way you eat now, and commit to a workout schedule so that you’ll be healthy and glowing, instead of exhausted and weak.
  • Find your skincare regimen: If you’ve been known to hit the sack before washing your face, or merely splash on some water and call it a day, now is the time to adapt to a new skincare routine. Cleanse, tone, target and moisturize every morning and night. Don’t forget to exfoliate as well at least twice a week. Starting this now will help you learn which products work best for you skin.

  • Schedule a hair appointment: If you’ve been on the fence about what you want your hair to be for your wedding, this is a great time to test it out. If you hate it, you’ll have plenty of time to grow it out or change the color.

6 Months Out

  • Start taking vitamins: Take a multi-vitamin to keep you healthy and energized, planning can get stressful! Take a beauty supplement, like Biotin, to help with longer, shinier hair and glowing skin.

  • Drink water: During our busy day-to-day schedules, it can be difficult to get the recommended 8 pints of water. Make it a point to drink an 8-ounce glass every hour, on the hour. Your glowing skin will thank you!

  • Ditch the salt: Because well, bloating.

  • Book your stylists: Do your research and book your hair and makeup stylists.

4 Months Out

  • Schedule a trial with your stylist team: Book a trail with your hair and makeup stylist to experiment with your wedding day look. Remember to stay true to who you are and pick what you’re most comfortable with!

  • Brighten those pearly whites: A little freshening up would do nicely! You can go the professional route and make an appointment with your dentist, or you could go the more budget friendly route and purchase Crest Whitestrips. The further out you start the more time you have to get them to truly shine.

  • 1 Month Out

    Okay, now is when we kick it into full gear! You’ve been drinking your water, decided on a hair color and style, brightened your teeth….now we move into the fun stuff.

    • Schedule any facial procedures: Facial peels, exfoliating facials, etc – give yourself enough time by scheduling this now in case you have an allergic reaction to anything.

    • Purchase any beauty accessories: If you have a specific hair or makeup product you’ll need on your wedding day, it’s best to start collecting now, so that you’re not scrambling days before.

    2 Weeks Before


    Image Via Pop Hair Color

  • Get a haircut and/or color: You’ve tested out your cut and color a few months ago, use this time to freshen it up and allow it time to settle.

  • Change up your conditioner: Using a deep conditioner twice a week in the run up will make way for super soft and luxurious locks.

  • Get an eyebrow wax: If anything goes wrong, you’ll have enough time to allow them to grow back in. If this is your first time, ask for recommendations from friends!

    1 Week Before

    • Get your waxing done
    • Get a manicure and pedicure
    • Consider booking a massage to ease tension
    • Pack a beauty kit that includes bobby pins, tissues, cotton balls, makeup remover, etc.
    • Go in for a spray tan (usually 3-4 days before)

    1 Day Before

  • Hydrate!
  • Get your beauty sleep – 8 to 9 hours if possible
  • In the morning, be sure to eat a healthy breakfast for full of protein and nutrients

    The most beautiful thing you can wear on your wedding day is a bright smile, but that will just come naturally! We hope you enjoyed our wedding beauty timeline.

    Happy prepping ladies, YOU are beautiful!



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