Benefits of Wedding Websites

In today’s day in age, you probably do most of your shopping online, pay bills online and some of us even find love online! So, if most people you know have an email account and are checking their iPhones or computers at least a few times a day, it kind of makes sense to create your own wedding website! 

Some may call them narcissistic, or TMI, or even a waste of time, but there are plenty of reasons why creating your own website is just flat out a really smart idea. We know this because we spent an absurd amount of time creeping on friends, co-workers, and friends of the hubs’ wedding pages, gathering ideas and seeing which wedding website builders had the best customizations. In the end, we decided that when a couple gets married, a website should be THE place to-go for information about the big day. Trust us, it will make life a whoooole lot easier. 

Here’s how creating your own wedding website can benefit you: 

1.Save on Printing Costs: People, we are living in a digital age. If my grandmother is savvy enough to navigate Facebook and hop onto the Internet every now and then, your family and friends will likely have no problem doing the same. Creating a website that contains all pertinent information regarding details of your wedding, a place to RSVP, transportation, and any FAQs – you can keep your physical invitations simple and reduce the number of parts and pieces that typically are included. Instead, opt for a one-sided invitation with a clearly stated message asking guests to visit your website for the full scoop. 

2. Set Expectations: “What’s the dress code?”, “Where should we park?” “Are kids allowed at this shindig?” In our opinion, therein lies the greatest reason for a wedding website. Convey every detail about your wedding to your guests, instead of printing multiple pieces of paper to get your message across. Set expectations for your day by adding in those little details that typically either wouldn’t fit on your invite or seem odd to list. Think about the all the times you’ve been invited to weddings. Did you have any questions you didn’t know the answers too? Anticipate anything yours guests might ask and slap it on your website! 

3.Stay in Contact with Guests: As cheesy as it may sound, your guests love learning about you as a couple! They enjoy seeing photos, appreciate reading the stories of how you met, and genuinely enjoy learning about your unique personalities. The personal touches you add to your website are what make guests excited to attend your event. It will also make them more appreciative to the unique touches you added at your ceremony and reception, learning a little bit more on why you chose a certain food or picked a specific venue. Wedding websites are also a chance for your guests to weigh in with song suggestions, additional questions you may not have answered or general comments. It’s a two-way form of communication that makes it easy to manage with all of your guests in one place. 

4.RSVP and Registry Information: How awesome would it be for the couple to not have to spend money on a stamp for guests to RSVP back and for a guest to not have to fill out a card and mail it back to the couple?! Ding ding ding – wedding websites make it easy for guests to RSVP and for couples to manage who is and who’s not attending. This is also a wonderful opportunity to reflect your personality by creating unique RSVPs. Consider crafting quirky answers to replace the usual “yes” and “no” answers with, “Yes, I need an excuse to ditch the kiddos!”, or “No – it’s too close to March Madness”. You can also ask guests to leave their email addresses in case there are any last-minute changes that need to be communicated. Last, having a tab for your registry is extremely helpful so guests can easily see where you are registered and then instantly click on the link to direct them to those sites. 

Alright, are you sold on a wedding website yet? Here are a few options that have both free and paid versions: 

As if learning about the benefits of a wedding website could get any better, when you purchase The White Box, your dedicated wedding professionals will custom select wedding website suggestions based on your wants and needs for the big day. Along with that, you will have access to your own virtual wedding planning tools via that will help make creating your own website a piece of cake. What do you say? We say you should dig right in! 

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    Good wedding web sites but not enough of some builders
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