Bridesmaids Getting Ready Outfits

The quintessential “getting ready” photos found everywhere from your Facebook timeline to Pinterest boards and wedding blogs have given brides yet another decision to make. What will my bridesmaids and I wear the morning of my wedding?!

You’ll want to look fashionable, yet comfy and casual (as you’ll be rocking an elegant gown for the remainder of the day). Bonus points if your bridesmaids will actually want to wear the outfit again. Aside from the newfound tradition of bridal robes, which we’ve covered in a recent post here, we’ve got you covered with a roundup of the latest trends we’ve seen in getting ready couture.

Best Bridesmaid Getting Ready Outfits

1. Labeled Tanks: Dress your bridesmaids in athletic tanks for a cute and relaxed look that labels them as your right-hand women. Not only are they comfortable to wear all morning, but they double as great matching tops for your bachelorette party.

Bridesmaid Getting Ready Outfits

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2. Button Down PJS: Button down PJS are key for keeping that hairdo in place and your makeup set. A chic set of menswear-inspired monogrammed PJs is beyond stylish.

Bride and Bridesmaid Getting Ready Outfits

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3. Spa Towel Wraps: Nothing says “let’s get pampered” quite like cozy spa-inspired towel wraps. Consider getting the wraps personalized with each girls name and pair them with comfy slippers they’re guaranteed to wear time and time again.

Bridesmaid Outfits for Getting Ready

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4. Flannels: Have your ladies choose a flannel from their very own closet! Everyone has at least one plaid laying around, and the mix and match of the colors and patterns will add the perfect rustic vibe for your overall aesthetic. Not to mention, an eye-catching photo!

Bridesmaid Flannels

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5. Rompers and Dresses: Whether your style is boho chic, nautically inspired or traditional and classic, there’s something for everyone in this category of rompers and dresses. These are perfect for a spring or summer wedding, and will be great additions to your girls’ collection of beach cover-ups.

Bridesmaid Rompers

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From spa wraps to rompers and a few in between, rest assured you and your favorite ladies will look adorable, comfortable and effortlessly coordinated. What bridesmaids getting ready outfits are your favorite? Have another idea? Let us know below!


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